A Design, Applied Arts and Sculpture Technician, Alfredo Morte achieved a “dishonorable discharge” from UCM before completing a Major in Philosophy. He introduces himself as a carpenter for emotional reasons and he learnt all he knows about electricity by experimenting with engines found in pieces of junk picked up on the street. For the last ten years, Alfredo has collaborated on and directed several independent art projects and collectives focused on interactivity and reflective involvement of the public. Through his experimentation with machinery and sound he has taken part in international exhibits such as INTERFERENCE (Holland), IN-SONORA IV (Madrid), SAOUT (Morocco), ARTe-SONoro OFF (Madrid, Spain), TRANSONICA (D.F. Mexico) & TENTACIONES-Estampa (Madrid). From 2009, he conducts workshops where he imparts the basis for an introduction into the recycling of electrical appliances and the use of engines for artistic ends.