The members of the group Axolotl, Santiago Doljanin (Argentina), Jordi Espuny (Spain), Karla Rodríguez (Meexico), Sofía Scheps (Uruguay) y Albert Tarrats (Spain), met in the Master of Sound Art program at the University of Barcelona.

Santiago Doljanin (AR): Industrial designer with a postgraduate degree in sound art. He is a member of two sound experimentation groups (Butifarra Mate and .jp) and performs audiovisual installations. He is currently a resident of Fabra i Coats.

Jordi Espuny (SP): Technical engineer, he has studied painting, design and sound art. His interest focuses on sound as an element through which to explore the relationships between science, technology and art. He has recently collaborated with the Barcelona Laptop Orchestra and has presented works at the 2016 Zeppelin Festival, Mixtur 2017 and Eufonic 2017.

Karla Rodríguez (ME): Career communicator and hobby storyteller. She currently works at a radio production company in audiovisual productions as a sound designer and in audio postproduction.

Sofía Scheps (UY): Composer. She dedicates her time to research and sound creation in different media and formats: chamber music, mixed music, electroacoustic music and sound installation. In addition, she works in audiovisual productions as an original music composer, sound designer and audio post-producer.

Albert Tarrats (SP): Economist.

This group is heterogeneous; the members come from diverse backgrounds but have found a commonality from needing to satisfy their curiosity through the search for new approaches to the creation and experience of sound.