Sun Color is Julio Cesar Palacio’s project. He is an experimental composer, and a sound, visual, and architectural artist.

He was born in Venezuela but is now based in Barcelona. He uses a mix of analog sound digital processing to compose music that is abstract, arrhythmic, with microtonal compositions, effects related to oto-acoustics, field recordings, and special use of frequencies and timbres and the spatialization of sound.

In the last 4 years the composing process has focused on subtractive synthesis, using a modular synthesizer. This modular synthesizer is not only the foundation of the study and sound development but the direct instrument used.

SUN COLOR has participated in renowned international festivals such as MUtek. He’s toured Europe, USA and Asia, has produced installations for various festivals, has been invited to be a composer for the prestigious EMS Electronic Music Studio Stockholm, and to complete the artistic residency of 2015.  

This sound activist is known in the electronic scene for his creation of the first and only store of modular synthesizers in Barcelona: Knob Shop.