Conceptual definition

A light and sound installation that reflects the intrinsic relation between the perception of auditory and visual stimuli. How would we sense things if the obvious relation between auditory and visual would be broken into pieces like the lightning and the thunder in a storm? The installation “Cycles” portrays an abstraction of this phenomenon. It dissects how hearing and sight influence each other and puts into focus the way this duality of senses defines our perception of the space and time surrounding us. The work is a 6 minute long sound and light sequence that is looped. Both elements follow the parallel score in total unison. What has started as a common narrative slowly drifts into two different ones until they are in sync again.

Technical description

Sound and light installation that reflects the relationship between auditory and visual stimuli. 

Daoiz y Velarde
Floor 0
March 9th, 10th, 11th
Free entry