Conceptual definition

With this project FIELD, Martin Messier assumes that it is possible to create sounds using electromagnetic fields of our environment. These residual and imperceptible electric signals are picked with electromagnetic transducer microphones, and become generators of the performance. On stage, he plays with two connections patches that offer many possibilities to connect many outputs to many inputs. By a continuous movement of plugging and unplugging, Messier interacts with them, thus noise and light composition emerges. With FIELD, Messier makes this flow of power, otherwise inaudible and invisible, material.

Technical description

CREDITS: Martin Messier: concept, audiovisual composition, programming and performance  • Interface: Thomas Payette • Nathanaël Lécaudé: Electronics • Technical design: Thomas Payette, Maxime Bouchard, Frédérique Folly • Production 14 lieux • Canada Council for the Arts

Patio of La Casa Encendida
March 15th
Free entry 5€