Conceptual definition

This piece contains a vertical screen in the center of a dark room, in which the spectator will turn their back to the screen and illuminate the walls. However, if the spectator moves closer to the screen in order to see what the screen contains, the light disappears. The screen has a fatal enchantment over its spectators, in which personal attention is diverted. Our own brain varies when we see this piece: the screen activates our network oriented brain, at the same time that introspection, reflection and emotions are shut down. Never before has it been this easy to steal someone’s focus because of this new hyper-mediated word that we now live in. Similarly, the screen is enslaved to people’s looks. Can we escape this tyranny? Can someone or something be observed while they are observers? Can a screen contain human qualities? And if so, what are the screens thinking?

Technical description

A vertical screen in the center of a dark room at the back of the viewer illuminates the walls. If the viewer nears the content on the screen  el espectador se acerca a mirar el contenido de la pantalla, éste desaparece.

Installation – sound and interactive
IED Palacio de Altamira
March 7-22, 2018
Free entry