Conceptual definition

LASACT is an interactive installation of light and sound. Visitors have the opportunity to modify the visual appearance and rhythm of the sound using a mobile application that can be downloaded from the web.
A set of chaotic and harmonious lines and sounds alternate as visitors take control of the installation – since everyone can modify the piece, chaos can arise at any time, until they begin to coordinate their movements and interactions. Within this closed system self-perpetuating ideas are raised: questions about the influence of the visitor and the importance of reaching the situation where the concepts and ideas are amplified reciprocally.

The installation transmits aspects found in communication, social relations and group dynamics. Because apart from being a connected world, every person who is in today’s society lives in their own world.

Technical description

Visitors will have the opportunity to manipulate the visual appearance of the moving lasers and the rhythm of the sound through an application on their phone while connected to wifi.

Daoiz y Velarde
March 9-11, 2018
Free entry