Conceptual definition


“This piece buys material items for life extension; get instant access to health and share it with others. We will look after you, we love good health.” — Youth Cloud’s Corporate announcement. Soft, smooth, good, friendly, useless, pocho, decorative, rotten. Youth Cloud is a piece centered on widely popular technology and sports goods. The piece uses Apple product advertisements dedicated to health, sports, and the interconnectedness. This piece complies with middle codes and is driven by a particular character, the piece narrates the virtues of Mac products by reproducing the brand’s testimonies with a voice generator. Youth Cloud addresses the techie sport life that arises as consequence of a faulty society that understands everyday growth through an outlook of comfort, accessibility and positivity.

Technical description

Video installation
IED Madrid, Palacio de Altamira
From March 7th to March 22nd
Free entry