Descripcion Conceptual

Constelaciones es el resultado de un proceso que empezó con la sonificación de un espacio celestial imaginario, y que se desarrolla como una obra audiovisual mediante el uso de nuevas tecnologías sonoras y visuales. Entre ellas lanniX, secuenciador gráfico de código abierto basado en las obras de Iannis Xenakis, ideado por Thierry Coduys, Adrien Lefevre y Gerard Pape, y actualmente desarrollada por Guillaume Jacquemin.


This work begins from the exploration of an imaginary celestial space, which is translated into sound space. How does each celestial sphere – starting from its manifestation as a unit – interact with the cosmos where it belongs? How does it react to its law? How does it transform itself integrating with the system, until the loss of identity? In contrast with that process, the constellations act underlining the bodies in their uniqueness by means of creation of symbolic links: beyond the sense, they stand as a classification and articulation device of the individual inside the system.

Constellations is the result of a process started from the sonification of an imaginary celestial space, which led to an audiovisual piece through the use of some of the latest sound and music computing resources and technologies. Among these is IanniX, a free open-source graphical sequencer. IanniX is a multimedia platform for image and sound processing based on Iannis Xenakis’ works, ideated by Thierry Coduys, Adrien Lefevre and Gerard Pape and currently developed by Guillaume Jacquemin.

Descripcion Tecnica

Sala Audiovisual
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4, 5 y 6 de marzo

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video projection system (1080p)
2 channel audio system