Conceptual definition

Mail box is a variation on the Music On A Long Thin Wire (Lucier, 1977) in which two metal bridges act as resonators and acoustic filters,  inviting a close and intimate listening.

In Alvin Lucier’s Music On A Long Thin Wire (1977), a wire is tightened between two bridges. The ends of the wires connect at the end of an amplified oscillator, creating a loop of electric current. The magnetic field of the magnet interacts with the electric current, which amplifies the vibration of the wire. Microphones near the bridges pick up the vibrations that are then reproduced through the speakers.  

Mailbox Music proposes an unplugged variant, regardless of the electrical amplification.  

Technical description

Sound Installation

IED Madrid, Palacio de Altamira
From March 7th to March 22nd
Free entry