Conceptual definition

Sound and light interpretation, which Cabosanroque make of the original 1932 recording of the phonetic poetry -in the form of a sonata- by Kurt Schwitters, Ursonate. Just as Ursonate was born from the compulsive repetition that Schwitters made of the typographical visual poem by Raoul Hausmann “fmsbw” from 1921, Ursonate Karaoke is part of the research work of Cabo San Roque to obtain sound from different types of lights. The phonetics and dynamics of Kurt Schwitters recordings are replaced by sounds generated live from electromagnetic interferences produced by different light sources, such as syllables of neon letters, fluorescents or incandescent lamps and electric motors. In this way, then, the lights change the space continuously, following a phonetic logic. Under the formal karaoke liturgy, cabo san roque takes the main themes of the sonata and associates each one with an iconic theme of the visuals associated with any karaoke (romantic sunset, wild nature, etc, etc) and with the karaoke microphone invites the public to interpret the work.

Technical description

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