Descripción conceptual

Proyecto desarrollado en Tik Tok durante el verano de 2020 cuando Tik Tok aún no estaba prohibido en la India. Lo que me llamó la atención fue ver cómo las personas en Tik Tok usan el vídeo como medio de entretenimiento para cantar / imitar los labios / hacer tendencias / usar stickers, etc. Sentí una inmensa libertad para usar esa aplicación como un medio para expresar ciertas cosas, ya que se estaba desarrollando un lenguaje visual diferente y el hogar se convirtió para todos en un portal hacia el mundo exterior debido a la pandemia.


The whole idea of TikTok as an interactive space with different inputs from all over the world, as if collective expanded thoughts and expressions, when it started I also felt the need to explore it as a medium as it was lockdown during the pandemic, I was searching for something to work on and it was during my final year of MFA and our final display was not happening due to the pandemic, I was sad disturbed & frustrated but I felt an immense possibility of Tik Tok or these kinds of web interactive applications which became so intimate with our mundane life. I made videos there to see the possibility and play around, mostly the videos are of home and how home which is the only place to stay during a pandemic, but due to the internet and technology how the everyday mundane changes,
Keeping mundane daily life in a pandemic as a surface in the videos I tried to build up

narrative using the uploaded archive of stickers and sounds, I was understanding the language how intimate it is becoming to our every day, how videos as a medium of expression and conversation are more immediate and how people are becoming star every day as if dreams are coming true overnight and mostly entertainment was dominating the whole scene, lip singing on songs, dialogues, dance, etc, but I was thinking of something else I was witnessing and that was triggering me to think further, because I was understanding how people are using the medium as if they are searching themselves through filters, becoming something else and experiencing & sharing that. A plastic self is made while we are in the digital realm and now that affects the so-called real realm soon both the realms will give rise to new kinds of humans, the fluidity will be the norm, not the

binary but we should always keep in mind that an imposed social self is also taking place gradually which is made up of filters and algorithms which is killing the organic self and if we stop this nothing will change something else will replace it, I find it funny. I found a new language is developing I was interested in documenting a collective expanded diary as a part of recording time, where it almost for me felt like scribbling as I do in my diary.

Poka in my mother tongue means insect, I do change my names very frequently as a part of my practice in my digital accounts in any social media accounts and that gives a different perspective to my process of understanding the surroundings and myself and also the perception of me changes to the viewer.
From poka0896 to jyantopokastudio was a shift that time jaynto poka means an alive insect, killing one digital self and creating another as a part of a performance in internet space. It translates the way I work and live.

In July 2020 I think the Indian government banned Tik Tok with some other Chinese apps, under section 69(A) of the IT Act 2000, on the ground that they “posed a threat to sovereignty and integrity of India “

So my diary got closed too with some of these videos left with me, but from there my work took a different shift which I feel is important as a part of my journey.

Residencia TikTok

1 – 6.03.2022