Descripción conceptual

Es una acentuación de la musicalidad inherente a un paisaje sonoro específico: Cais do Sodré, en Lisboa. Una orquesta continúa este viaje – Windowmatter – creando espacios entre espacios.

This starts with an accentuation of the musicality inherent to a specific soundscape: the Cais do Sodré harbor in Lisbon. A solo orchestra then leads the travel further.
“Windowmatter” creates spaces in-between spaces.
A zither inputs a sampler / delay modulator that inputs audiographics, an in-development software (co-imagined and coded by John Klima) that articulates audio processing with 3D- technologies. The inputted places pre-recorded samples as audio-graphical ‘bread crumbs’ in a 3D-world, while re-directing a virtual camera throughout its deserted landscape.
Music unfolds with floating tonal centers. An immersive experience that extrapolates the aural with painting in movement.

Performance audiovisual