Descripción conceptual

Since July 2010 I have consistently been recording at least one minute of sound, everyday. This practice that I call Minuting is a part of a bigger archival initiative. The On-going Project, as I call it, aims at constructing an archive of my life through different, reflective use of portable recording devices and techniques. In regard to Minuting, it was among thick layers of Jerusalem soundscapes that I decided to pursue a life-long project aiming at documenting my presence by archiving sounds I would find myself surrounded by.

The 23rd of March 2016 -the day I will start my InSonora Twitter project- will be the 2071st day since I have initiated this life-long endeavour. This gives 2071 minutes, which is more than 34 hours, or if you will more than 123000 seconds of sonic traces from a variety of places and situations where my attention was inspiringly drawn by this often-underrated medium. The idea I would like to elaborate when working with InSonora Twitter account is rather simple. I plan to curate my archive of sound minutes and by handpicking some of them, offer them to the audience by launching one selected minute every hour for the period of one week. This means that 168 minutes will have been launched by the end of the week. Each minute will be offered with no description of what it represents and where it has been captured. However, after half an hour, a memory related to the minute would follow in a form of a concise text. This half-hour gap or delay between the sound being launched and its description can be seen as a space offered to the listener for developing his/her own interpretation of the record. Similarly, the following half-hour, before the new sound arrives, creates an opportunity for the listener to experience the sound once again, but this time with a provided, contextual interpretation. The audience will be encouraged to comment on the minutes and share their interpretations.

To listen to the minutes, please visit: